Racial Harmony is a not–for–profit 501(C) (3) community organization dedicated to making a difference through mediation, teaching, training, and cooperative learning. To facilitate this, Racial Harmony offers the following services.
    Harmony Dinners/Community Forums

    Youth Development Activities

    Conflict Resolution and Meditation

    Speakers Bureau

    Peace and Harmony Youth Programs

    Bibliography of Multicultural Resources

Racial Harmony Partnerships:

    Area Schools, Churches, & Neighborhood Associations

    Belleville Achieves Strength in Character

    Belleville Human Relations Commission

    Belleville Chamber of Commerce

Presentations and Collaborations

The annual Racial Harmony Gathering honors area kindergarten and elementary through high school students who consistently demonstrate outstanding character traits. They are nominated by their teachers and counselors for exhibiting peacemaking skills; promoting goodwill and harmonious interaction among their peers.

The Gathering also honors select individuals for their outstanding service toward betterment of the community.



One of the organization’s major initiatives has been facilitating the community effort to narrow or eliminate the educational achievement gap between majority and minority students. Following Judge Milton Wharton’s lead, The Educational Disparity Gap Elimination (EDGE) initiative was born.

Committees were formed around a multifaceted approach to addressing the problem. The committees were divided into three categories: Pre-school through third grade; Middle school (4th-8th grades); and High School (9th – 12th grades). An action plan was developed and meetings were held with area school superintendents; religious leaders; parents and students; the business community; and law enforcement. A tutorial assistance program in area high schools has been developed due in part to this effort. This is an ongoing program and Racial Harmony, a third party neutral organization, will continue to maintain its role in facilitating the EDGE initiative.

Peace and Harmony Youth Groups

“Peace and Harmony” is a program designed to foster open, honest conversations among youth that discuss real issues between and among their peers. Peace and Harmony encourages team building, promotes high self-esteem and leadership skills, increases problem solving skills and provides an environment to express one’s self in a safe, non-judgmental environment.