Dear Members & Friends,

January 1, 2017

It has been an honor and a privilege to complete my second year as president of this esteemed organization.

Racial Harmony continues to create and support a diverse and inclusive community.  Racial Harmony believes that by fostering an atmosphere of acceptance and support, we can begin to value and appreciate the strengths afforded by the differences, styles, ideas, and organizational contributions of each person we encounter daily.  To this end, Racial Harmony will pursue challenges that allow us to question preconceived ideas and beliefs that inform and/or infringe upon our commitments, and to implement measurable inclusive practices.

A major strength of Racial Harmony is its commitment to promoting respect among all community members by our lively programs that recognize contributions by our youth through The Gathering and Youth-to-Youth Symposiums, as well as our recognition programs highlighting individual adults and corporations at our E.L.I.T.E. (Extraordinary Leaders Impacting Today’s Environment) Awards Dinner.  And lastly, we have expanded our Dinner Table discussions that ponder issues surrounding diversity and inclusion that offers an opportunity to constructively engage different viewpoints.

I will continue to be optimistic that our community will continue to createsafe environments for all members to discuss and discover challenges, and explore the benefits of a diverse and inclusive society. As president, I look forward to sharing ideas and forging toward another successful year.

… Pictures from “THE GATHERING 2017”, Racial Harmony’s Youth Awards are found below…

… Instructions on applying for the 2017 Mary McHugh $1000 College Scholarship for High School Seniors can be found in this DOWNLOADABLE.PDF

Donna Moody

About Us

The recipients of Youth Awards at the 2017 GATHERING stand for congratulations.

Individual awardees at THE GATHERING on February 26, 2017  held at First United Presbyterian Church.

Racial Harmony is a third party neutral organization dedicated to promoting understanding, cooperation, and communication among all races and ethnic groups.

Racial Harmony partners with other community organizations that share a similar mission, vision, and goals. The organization also co–sponsors annual events with several partners.


Information about Racial Harmony’s mission can be found in this downloadable flyer .

Board of Directors

Donna Moody
Alex McHugh
Vice President
Paula Badger
Robert E. Wells Jr.
Lma Awwad
Cayla Adams Corey Ellzey Curtis Louise Paradise
Johnnie Anthony Cheryl Gray Raymond Paradise
Sydney Bevineau Janet Greenlee Brent Reeves
Shaun Coleman Dean Hardt Dr. Gabrielle Schwemmer
Jeffry Couch Eileen Hoag Greg Turner
 Dwight Cox  Rachel R. Jackson  Rose Wilson
 Dennis Dvorachek Aretha Lumas  Yolandea Wood