Dear Members & Friends,

February 24, 2018


For a century, politicians and prognosticators have spoken about an old Chinese curse which says, “May you live in interesting times.”   Not since the 1950’s and 60’s has there been a greater call for organizations like the Center for Racial Harmony.

For 27 years, the Center has worked alongside you toward a more inclusive Saint Clair County and beyond.   While much has changed about our social landscape over the years, timeless principles like understanding, cooperation, and communication never go out of fashion.

Still, every once in a great while we reach a tipping point.   It may help to remember another old legend that the Chinese character for “crisis” consists of two separate morphemes: “danger” and “opportunity.”   There’s very little substance to it, or curses of course, but the symbolism is powerful.

These are indeed interesting times.   They are times of great uncertainty.   But they are also times of great opportunity, hope, & unprecedented creativity.


They can mark a new beginning:  one in which we finally conquer our fears and our prejudices, and triumph over what Dr. Martin Luther King called “the starless midnight of racism and war.”

The “bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood” can finally become a reality…

if we remain dedicated to timeless principles like understanding, cooperation, and communication…

if we remain dedicated to the proposition all lives have equal value…

and if we dedicate ourselves to the cause of humanity, justice, and peace.

Join us.   An annual membership is just $25, or you can contribute any amount on the “Donate” page right here on our site.   Thank you in advance.   We appreciate you.



… Pictures from “THE GATHERING 2018”, Racial Harmony’s Youth Awards are found below…

… Instructions on applying for the 2018 $1000 College Scholarship for High School Seniors can be found in this DOWNLOADABLE.PDF

… Our 2018 Racial Harmony Scholarship Winner is Miss Cayla D. Adams … see the EVENTS tab.

Yours in harmony,
Alex McHugh

About Us

Speakers and Awardees at THE GATHERING 2018

Racial Harmony Youth Awards

Individual awardees at THE GATHERING on February 25, 2018  held at First United Presbyterian Church.

Racial Harmony is a third party neutral organization dedicated to promoting understanding, cooperation, and communication among all races and ethnic groups.

Racial Harmony partners with other community organizations that share a similar mission, vision, and goals. The organization also co–sponsors annual events with several partners.


Information about Racial Harmony’s mission can be found in this downloadable flyer .

Board of Directors

Robert E. Wells Jr.
President pro tem
Vice President
Paula Badger
Robert E. Wells Jr.
Aretha Lumas
Johnnie Anthony Cheryl Gray Raymond Paradise
Jeff Bair Janet Greenlee Greg Turner
Zach Bair Rachel R. Jackson Rose Wilson
Jeffry Couch Jerril Jones  Yolandea Wood
Curtis Louise Paradise
Ally Dyer * * Student rep