Dear Friends,

It is indeed an honor and a privilege to assume the Presidency of Racial Harmony. Jerril Jones, former President, has provided us with determined and passionate leadership as he shepherded an organizational concept into a reality, and we all are indebted. We thank Jerril and look forward to his continued role of increasing our partnership members.

With that said diversity and excellence go hand in hand. Every member of our community plays an important role in making our society the best it can be. It is wonderful to see how Racial Harmony constantly explores the relevancy of diversity and inclusion in different ways. Changes in demographics, inclusive pedagogy, employee relations, professional development, education, law enforcement, politics, and religion are just a few of the key points that we will continue to address.

We are committed to diversity, inclusion and most importantly action. Our optimal performance is predicated on bringing diverse ideas and perspectives to the table as demonstrated by our “Dinner Table” discussions.

As we move forward, Racial Harmony will initiate strategies that will improve our communication and outreach. Effective today, our new website will include information about our Dinner Table Discussions, Community Outreach efforts, Speaker Bureau opportunities, Diversity Training, the ELITE Awards Dinner and our upcoming Gathering Awards program honoring our youth in February 2016.

As a collaborative group, we will continue the expansion and development of Racial Harmony to serve our community. Our collective and individual inquiries to better understand one another will make us more informed listeners, more inquisitive learners, and more engaged and inclusive citizens. I look forward to serving as President sharing ideas and forging another year of success!

…HOLD THE DATE…  Our E.L.I.T.E. (Extraordinary Leaders Impacting Today’s Environment) annual awards dinner and auction for 2016 will be Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016, beginning at 5 PM, at Fischer’s Restaurant.  More details to follow.

Donna Moody

About Us

Mark your calendars for our next HARMONY DINNER held on
February 2 in Lindenwood University’s Cafeteria Building.

Pictures from our HARMONY DINNER held on November 3
in Lindenwood University’s Cafeteria Building.

Racial Harmony is a third party neutral organization dedicated to promoting understanding, cooperation, and communication among all races and ethnic groups.

Racial Harmony partners with other community organizations that share a similar mission, vision, and goals. The organization also co–sponsors annual events with several partners.


Information about Racial Harmony’s mission can be found in this downloadable flyer .

Board of Directors

Donna Moody
Alex McHugh
Vice President
Paula Badger
Robert E. Wells Jr.
Lma Awwad
Gabe Schwemmer Janet Greenlee Rachel Jackson-Bramwell
Curtis Paradise +Janet Schmidt Ray Paradise
Dean Hardt Jeffry Couch Rose Wilson
Dennis Dvorachek Johnnie Anthony Shaun Coleman
Dwight Cox Sydney Bevineau Yolandea Wood
 Cheryl Gray  Donna Thomason  Greg Turner
+ = deceased