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Mary McHugh Scholarship Winner – 2017

The recipient of the 3rd Mary McHugh $1000 Scholarship is Ms. Ally Becker. The award was presented at a recent Racial Harmony meeting, with members of the McHugh family present.
Ally Becker is a 2017 graduate of Highland High School.  She has been involved in Dance for most of her life.  She has received numerous local and national awards.  The essay she submitted for the Mary McHugh Scholarship illustrated how her love for dance connects to cultural diversity and the mission of Racial Harmony.  She examined the art of dance within the context of different cultures. In doing so, she connected dance to academic disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, psychology and philosophy. Based on the core belief that dance is much more than a form of entertainment or artistic expression, she described how dance also has the power to provoke intellectual thought, promote the communion of people from all social classes and walks of life, and reveal the undeniable commonalities of the human experience, while also serving as a valuable tool for expressing cultural diversity.

Franklin Neighborhood Picnic

Sat., August 27  11:30 am – 1:30 pm

The Center for Racial Harmony and the Franklin Neighborhood Community Association held a Neighborhood Picnic.

This event was a “Meet & Greet” for Franklin School Students and their Parents… with the two organizations in the North 2nd Street area.

About 75 people enjoyed the Picnic and came to have a hot dog, chips, cookies & sno-cones… and met their Neighbors on North 2nd Street!

Black and White and ART All Over

In 2015, Art on the Square (AOTS), Racial Harmony and Lindenwood University joined forces to present the first co-sponsored art show in response to events in our communities torn apart by racial divisiveness and negativity. The show’s title “Healing Hearts through Healing Arts” delivered a strong and relevant message.  The message then and now is that ART has the power – the voice, to communicate healing, inclusiveness and community. The reception by attendees last year was overwhelmingly positive and warm.

On September 22-23, 2017, we held an exhibit of a wonderful artistic tapestry woven with the display of works from local artists.  We called this year’s event “Black and White and ART All Over.”  Exhibits originated from a culturally diverse pool of gifted artists.  Works on display reinforced the sponsors’ philosophy of community and inclusiveness – that ART transcends all boundaries and acts as a primary force to pull communities of people together for good.

Some artwork will be for display only, while other pieces will be offered for sale.  This is a family event for the community that will provide an opportunity for you to speak with the artists and to add to your art collections.

Join Sponsors – Art on the Square (AOTS), Racial Harmony, Lindenwood University and Mark Kern for an event that will have you talking to friends, laughing with families and connecting with your “Inner Artist.”

Harmony Dinners

The Harmony Dinners began in 2004 as a means of providing community members the opportunity to sit down and break bread together as they discussed issues pertinent to racial and ethnic harmony. The Dinners were initially modeled after a similar program in Dallas, Texas.

The idea there was to have conversations on issues of “cross cultural contention, consternation, and confusion” and “to get folks talking.” Like Dallas, the Dinners sponsored by Racial Harmony were begun as a way to get people talking about the difficult issues of race and ethnicity, with an eye toward healing and harmony. As a result of these efforts, Racial Harmony has developed relationships with local municipalities, school districts, churches and businesses.


For 4 years, thru 2013, Racial Harmony celebrated Phenomenal Women of Metropolitan St. Louis at its annual dinner auction.  Since 2014, Racial Harmony has celebrated E.L.I.T.E. (Extraordinary Leaders Impacting Today’s Environment) at its annual dinner auction – both men and women. These outstanding leaders have been recognized for the phenomenal work they do in their schools, churches, families, and communities. These are men and women who step by step and bit by bit, have made an impact on changing our world.